Jenson Button sings

The Englishman goes fifth at Interlagos to win the Formula 1 Championship. Sein young German opponent but grumbles: "Congratulations - no more is there to say!"

SAO PAULO, he croaked and made no sound. But for Jenson Button, it was his life at the moment the best and most beautiful serenade. "We are the champions, my friends," he sang after he had crossed the finish line in fifth place at Interlagos. It was the moment when the button the first time Formula 1 world champion was.

15 points is his advantage before the season finale in Abu Dhabi on 1 November now on Sebastian Vettel. Button (29) holds an unassailable front. And sing for joy.

Sebastian Vettel was several seconds ahead of Button in fourth rippled finish. The previous day he had at the most adverse conditions only as the 15th qualify for the race. Fourth place was the best thing he can do in this race. But the singing was not him mute. Definitely not the old Queen classic. Vettel is Beatles fan. And Champion is now time button now.

Vettel was ever after very little to mute that afternoon in Brazil. He drove his car into the pit lane, and parked it behind buttons Brawn-cars and watched as Button got out jubilantly, hugging his teammate Rubens Barrichello and then disappeared into the equally jubilant crowd. Button looking for his father John, who has accompanied him since the F1 entry in 2000 to almost every race and announced before the race had to make in the case of the triumph of wood from the small paddock.

Vettel, however, remained sitting in the car. "I had to digest the first time," said the 22-year-old, when he stepped out of his Red Bull, "I think there is a stop one, which today is better than me."

Much better in fact. Vettel looked dejected, almost offended, and angelic. He found it difficult to visibly, the counterparty, with which he had delivered the season on a mutual respect and fairness embossed duel Congratulations, now for the triumph. That is why he was so not long got out of the car. Later, he grumbled at RTL: "Jenson has the most points, so he is world champion." And again more clearly: "Congratulations - no more is there to say!"

Button got away with nothing. His hair dripped from the champagne. He and the people of Brawn-racing team, which had not yet given in March, celebrating the triumph. The triumph of a driver, whose career seemed already over and the reputation of being ahead, though with a lot of talent, but being blessed with little ambition.

Christmas 2008 button was still unemployed. Now he is world champion. "It's great to sit here as world champion. I've earned it. I am world champion, "said Button then. As if he could not even grasp what he had done since.

Vettel, however, probably knew exactly what he had missed.

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