„Liebe ist für alle da“: The new album by Rammstein

So we must man staging can: make album, video shoot - and you're back in conversation. Why? It's simple: Rammstein have made a song that deals with sex, and filmed a video that is a hard-core porn.

What would look ridiculous in any other band that is accepted by Rammstein as part of a total work of art - or should we say more registered:. Seen in the porn "pussy" stands in a logical sequence: Was not the band after five albums and a worldwide success with Teutonic toughness, martial beat and metal mainly with themes of cannibalism and necrophilia stimulus now almost everything maxed out for media Length and related commercial success is good. But only almost.

The sixth album, "Love is published for everyone", just recently, redefines the notion of exaggerated sex of current Rammstein themes. "You're absolutely arise / You love me because I do not love you," states after the emblematic "Rammlied" in "I hurt you," I, "I am in heat for days / I'll hunt for me KAHLWILD "and" You can feel the muzzle energy / Fine sweat drips on the knee "in the best Freudian fashion in" Good hunting "- or very directly" I creep to me and talking fine / fucking Who wants to be friendly, "the title track. Even the horrors of Amstetten ( "Vienna Blood") is sexually persisted: "Are you ready / Are you ready / Welcome to the darkness." Is that necessary? This is not the question.

The new songs are - like almost everything in Rammstein - sometimes odd and sometimes comic, sometimes while we now know did not know where Rammstein Rammstein-ends and the parody begin. The music is certainly what friend and foe alike expect from the band: With the finest sound equipment produced hammer coat, as taxing as intoxicating. Till Lindemann, the rolled "R" to excess, and has great pleasure in the sex-crazed metaphors such as "Blitzkrieg with the meat gun" or "Stick your sausage in sauerkraut. All this is as violent as absurd as stupid as it is ingenious - but just that we hear Rammstein yes.

Rammstein's music video for the single "Ich tu dir weh" from the album "Liebe ist fur alle da".

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