Hitler planned to attack the London and New York with flying saucers???

When he started losing the war in Russia and in North Africa, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler demanded of his scientists to make him a superior weapon to attack the United Kingdom and the United States.

Some of these weapons, like rocket V2, created too late and did not have any importance, while a far more ambitious projects never got ahead of sketches. According to information exchange, it was the idea of building a flying saucer that bombed London and New York.
German science magazine "PM", however, that the idea of Hitler's scientists about the unusual aircraft reached up to the prototype. Program of its construction was led by SS officer Hans's Kamler. Was carried out several successful experiments, and several witnesses said that they are the 1944th committed to seeing a flying saucer above the Thames.
And Americans are seriously believed that such weapons exist. At that time the famous New York Times wrote of "a flying disk." List is published with the text and photos of the mysterious aircraft that appeared in the sky.
The Germans after the war have destroyed documents about its activities. However, the Canadian UFO experts have been able to 1960th rebuild the spacecraft to their amazement, worked. The project was called Sriver-Habermolova scheme, the pilot and mechanic who from 1941. to 1943. were in Prague.
Many German scientists worked together since World War II with American colleagues, recalls newspaper "PM." This was confirmed by former Polish journalist and historian Igor Wittkowsky, who in his book "Prawda O Wunderwaffe" also claimed that the Nazis used their best scientists to make a bell-shaped craft.

Nazi UFO

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