Audrey Tautou - The fabulous world of Chanel

In Chanel set:
Audrey Tautou, 30, looks like the young Coco

This role fits perfectly: Audrey Tautou,
known as fabelhafte Amélie plays Coco Chanel.
It does so with flying colors - even if it the dark side
of genius designer are pretty strange.

That would have Coco Chanel did not like how Audrey Tautou as the Berlin luxury hotel sits so far back in the chair. "Take kindly attitude!", She would certainly say. And: "Drag this ridiculous jeans!"

Otherwise would Mademoiselle Chanel was born Gabrielle Bonheur as 1883 in Saumur, died when Coco Paris in 1971, probably not much the woman had to be suspended, which it plays in the cinema and the beginning of her career 100 years ago will remember. Audrey Tautou looks amazingly similar to her: She is extremely thin, has dark brown eyes, short hair. It smokes like Coco. Is 30, as Coco in their shimmering early years when she acted as an exceptional talent and was still not as Tyrannin was.

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