Michael Schumacher Comeback

Michael Schumacher will not be in the future, "crazy things" to prohibit and reject a final rejection of a Formula 1 return decline.

" I do not plan a comeback, but who knows what all happens," said the 40-year-old in a cover story to the news magazine "Der Spiegel" (today). "By the end of my injury in the neck have healed so much that I could drive again," said the record-breaking champion.

A broken neck after a motorcycle crash in August, had prevented its use as an agent for the unfortunate Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. "Yes, I bite had me in the butt that has happened to me," Schumacher known.

The Schumacher still wants to remain a frontier worker. "I'm alive. I want to have fun. And that crazy things are," said the seven-time champion, who speaks in the interview provided an unusual insight into his spiritual life as a racer and PS-retiree, of pain, happiness, feelings and passions.

He wanted to "be free and enjoy," said Schumacher. Parachute jumps are just part of his anxiety level, as well as future motorcycle racing. "The risk I believe to be calculated, will continue," he said. Schumacher is at peace with itself.

"I'm happy. Happy with the life which I now lead. But who knows what in a few months or a year?" It is precisely this categorical "Maybe" is the Ferrari tifosi and her little hope.

"If everything is OK, why should not we see him in one of our cars?" Repeated Scuderia team boss Stefano Domenicali resistant. The idea of a third Ferrari Formula 1 for next year is still not entirely off the table.

The tremendous response to the public, the emotional roller-coaster ride in recent months and be transformed image probably keep Schumacher from an absolute "no." As "very beautiful" he had felt the hype surrounding his return plans.

"Because it has made me proud. And because I was probably conscious for the first time really that I have an effect and what kind of position," said the 91-Grands Prix winner.

Ever since the friendly service for Ferrari and Massa, Schumacher is no longer perceived as a cool Rennroboter, but also as a vulnerable man. He had sometimes in his career, "like the feeling unloved," he revealed. It had surprised him now, "that suddenly appeared through this comeback erased everything."

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