Istra take a piece of luxury

The Croatian coast will once again be like the glamorous meeting place.

Piran - Gerd Ruge - of course, that one knows from television. When he was once proclaimed at the airport, however, reported two men: the famous Russian expert and a hotel manager. Last conducted in southern Turkey a palace with a dome and pillars like splendor of the Thousand and One Nights. These days he can be on the new golf course Savudrija encounter - Italian Salvatore. Satisfied, he examined the terrain. The grass grows in abundance. 18 holes on a romantic coast, pays off on Munich's extended environment. Finally, it is there in five hours by car.

What rushes in the hall, is not the sea. A waterfall cascades over a bluish glass wall illuminated. From the pool stands a palm tree. Oriental beads hang on the wall of windows, overlooking the terrace runs along a wide bay. The other side belongs to Slovenia. In the distance shines the slim pencil tower of Piran, a Venetian town. The whiff of history is blowing. Thus, it should now go further here. The first signs glamor radioed the opening ceremony: President, stars and celebrities rushed. Before the door lined up with gold-plated Bentley radiator grills. Istria new luxury was doused with champagne and now has a good reputation - Grand Hotel Kempinski Adriatic.

The mountains on the horizon turns deep blue, the sea, strong blue. The light gray rocks fall into the water as in Cornwall, southern England. The rocky coast path could serve as a location for a romantic film. The kissing scene would play at the old lighthouse. Completely in white are the exorbitant super suites. Whoever moves into white trousers and white shirt, which dissolves like a cloud. The price is a matter of prestige, they whisper about: 10 000 euros for the night. A pittance when you consider what is already the newest TV alone weighs from Bang & Olufsen and costs: Half a ton for 120 000 euros. For the plasma screen is as big as a painting by Rembrandt.

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