BMW 730d - the travel limousine

Dynamic, classy and quite economical: The flagship of the Munich-based car manufacturer prevail luxury and comfort.

Have you still heard the bad comments? Scorn and derision poured over the last few versions of the BMW 7 series - because the former design Chief Chris Bangle, the optical tolerance of car fans especially with his rear styling was somewhat overwhelmed. Today, the bleating is silent: The current-generation 7 Series is here already raised by the appearance of such criticism. And technically, there's hardly something to find fault.

This was the test but for a good part of the engine: the 245 hp strong three-liter diesel engine of the 730d is actually a very good choice. ) Quite sufficiently dynamic and fast (0 to 100 in 7.2 seconds, 247 km / h top, this harmonic in the power delivery and acoustically restrained. And in conjunction with the six-speed automatic transmission for a vehicle of this format also very economical: he swallowed in 7.9 liters per 100 kilometers. And all this without insincerity.

Comfort and space are worthy of the luxury class, especially with the (in four stages Comfort, Normal, Sport and Sport +) adjustable engine and suspension tuning. A few keystrokes - and the juggernaut of the litter is transformed into a very fast sports car.

Extremely comfortable is the display of the currently existing speed limit extended head up display in front of the driver, on which even the speed of the navigation and display information. Was drastically simplified the iDrive control system - now get it, a computer layman problems.

All current security systems are currently had for the sevens - that is actually saying. The materials are fine. Funny is an interior details: The latching system of the front doors is built into the wooden ledge just below the windows. The effect: 7-a-novice first fumbles helplessly miles around underneath - where it's used to. Positive: The buttons for the seat adjustment are back are where they belong - namely, directly to their seats.

Bottom line, the current BMW 7 Series is a real advance - technically, visually, derived from the operation. Directly cheap it is still not: The 730d is tested from 70,500 euros in the price list.

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