Tokio Hotel “The chart crash”

Throughout Europe, the musicians of Tokio Hotel with their new album "Humanoid" road to success. 2nd place in Italy, Portugal and Spain, 3rd place in France. Everywhere gold status!

But what is the matter in Germany?

The fact is that Tokio Hotel has neglected their fans in recent weeks.

Throughout the world, completed the four boys performances, interview appointments, were in TV shows to see. In Germany, however, they were less present than usual, industry experts also believe that the crash has to do with the buying patterns of the German fans. Months they have been waiting for the new CD. In the first week then went on a run off the album, because every fan of the music immediately wanted it.

In many stores the CD was even sold out.

Now, in the second week of sales, has put the huge influx. An industry insider: "The CD will now hold but remain in the charts, because there always are people who discover music for themselves. Just as it is with other artists as well."
Increase in the trend charts "Humanoid" Yesterday is already back on the 8th place.

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