Muslims protest against Christmas fairy tale

Lammersdorf ( GERMANY ). Once religion comes into play, listen to the fun for many people, no matter whether they are Christians, Buddhists or Muslims. In such a Fettnapf is now the children's and youth theater group of the Homeland Association Lammersdorf tapped - without knowing it, and evil will.

For their latest theatrical, she had the fairy tale "The Little Devil Eberhard" selected. Alone, the title role could be partout not fill with a boy. The theater-makers, quite cleverly written, the story abruptly to a girl and went to the "devil Eberhard" the "devil Fatima."

The posters were printed with the version of "Fatima" with them has been promoted in primary schools and kindergartens. And also at the entrances was also the "little devil Fatima" to read. So far, so good.

Daughter of the Prophet

"The title of our year's Christmas tale has resulted in some children and parents to severe irritation. We were not aware that has the name Fatima in other religions, a very great importance," says Lothar Berger of the theater in a statement. Has he, however, as can be read on the Internet. Fatima, then learns the ignorant Western Europeans, was injured the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad - and thus feel the devout Muslim in his religious feelings.

Sun has since even a Muslim family vehemently complained about the title of the play, as Berger reported to our newspaper.

The Lammersdorfer theater producers fell from the clouds and insured Lothar Berger: "At no time was it was our intention to offend other faiths. We deeply regret, have hurt the feelings of others, and sincerely apologize! "

As a result, now on 12 and 13 and 19 and 20 Swirl in December but the "little devil Eberhard" on the stage is.

The new posters are already printed on the tickets of the faux pas has been corrected.

So that the matter should then be made in the world.

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